Breaking Point

I received a job offer about a month ago at a company that I was really excited about. Over the past month, however, we have been mired in working with the legal department over my visa transfer. Unfortunately, my undergrad and grad degrees don’t match my current position or my future career interests. My current company’s lawyer was able to argue in my favour because my current company is in the same field as my degrees, and I received visa sponsorship. Now I want to specialize in the area I’ve spent most of my time working on at my current company, but that is entirely unrelated to my education and is causing problems.

It took the company a month to figure out the fact that they didn’t want to move forward with my offer because of my visa, and they retracted the offer last night. Needless to say, I’m pretty bummed. I don’t know what the next couple of months will bring. This year’s been a roller coaster so far, and I would love to hit some peace and quiet for a while. Can’t believe how fast time’s flying by. Music is my constant crutch and companion, and I’ve renewed my sense of purpose over finding another position. Wish me luck, world.

Wedding Weekend Update

Chapel Bridge Over Troubled WaterI got back from Chicago last night. My friends put together a beautiful wedding ceremony. I was lucky enough to be  part of it, and sang Bridge Over Troubled Water right before they said their vows. The bride started crying as I was singing, and I was really moved when they said their vows. My two friends were glowing with joy at the altar, and I felt really happy I could be there for them and witness it.

A couple of other people who attended the wedding came up later and told me I had made them cry as well. An elderly gentleman said he’d fallen in love with his wife 40 years ago to this very song.

The reception and party afterward were also a ton of fun. It was great being back in Chicago and seeing old friends from college after many years.


Two of my closest friends from college are getting married to each other. I’m flying out for the wedding this morning. Really excited…Hope my singing at the wedding turns out ok!

New Friends and Collaborators

Chris (who produced the music for Porcelain Doll) introduced me to a percussionist friend in Germany a few days ago, and his friend wrote back saying he and his wife (also a percussionist) would come back with some ideas for another song. This is song requires strong rhythm instruments, so I’m thrilled about this possibility. Fingers crossed everything works out. 🙂


Just finished writing the last song I had left to finish for my album, and now I can focus on production and rehearsing. Really happy, as this song had left me hanging for quite some time. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to finish it. But it’s now done! Yay!

Past the Witching Hour

Was just listening to Scarborough Fair/Canticle on loop while icing my ankle, and feeling strangely content and optimistic. Also feeling lucky that I have the support of people I love, and lucky that I have music to throw any angst into and turn it into something constructive. I sang myself hoarse practicing Bridge Over Troubled Water for my friends’ upcoming wedding just before I decided it was time use external methods to dull my pain. Singing and the ice both felt really good.

I need to keep reminding myself to take it easy over the next few days…I want to be able to dance at the wedding next weekend!

Silly Musings

I hurt my ankle a few days ago, but instead of resting it I kept trying to walk it off or work it out. Bad idea. I finally came to my senses on Saturday and gave my self hours of rest and was feeling loads better, and feeling like I would get over it in the next couple of days. But I went to a club to hear a friend DJ Saturday night, and of course I can’t sit still and just listen when there’s good dance music playing. Somewhere in my brain there’s an adult, and that adult tripped a wire at some point and told me to just sit and take it easy after a while. I’m glad I listened, but I’m still a lot worse today, and looking at a potentially longer recovery time now.

I feel like I’ve been playing body see saw over the past couple of years over various things, and I’m hoping there’s a solid permanent solution to it. Haven’t found one that sticks yet, but I’m optimistic. 🙂

Writer’s Block

I’m stuck writing the only remaining song for the album. I thought it would be the easiest one to write, because it’s the most fun and light song on the album. I’ve been watching dance videos on YouTube to try and get in the right mood, but nothing yet. The videos were awesome, though. Wish me luck!