The Power Of Empathy and Art

Had a wonderful start to the morning. I’ve been splitting up buying groceries over several days since I sprained my back a few weeks ago. I wanted to pick up a few things this morning at the grocery store and I decided to double check whether they deliver (I was under the impression that they didn’t). I asked the woman at the check out counter about it. We’d had a couple of conversations in the past, one particularly memorable one about music. In response she asked if it was for me or for someone else. I said it was for me, and mentioned that I’d sprained my back and had trouble walking home carrying stuff. She told me they do deliver through a service, and they charge 10% of the total groceries bill. She also immediately insisted on giving me her email address saying if she’s working when I shop for groceries next time, she would be more than happy to help me out. I am deeply grateful for people like her in the world. There’s hope for humanity yet.

Castello di Amorosa Finalized as Location! and Kickstarter

Castello Di Amorosa

After weeks of chasing people down, we finalized our location. I’m so thrilled. We’re on their calendar now, so it’s official. We’re shooting at the Castello Di Amorosa winery in Napa. The castle is beautiful; check out their website:

Shameless plug…We’re running out of time on Kickstarter: We only have a week left, and $1,115 to raise to make another music video. Here’s the video we made for Porcelain Doll: I’m extremely proud of what were able to achieve last time, and I really hope we can do it again.

I was doing the math the other day, and if we could get 100 people to contribute $5 (the price of coffee or a drink at a bar), that would be a quarter of our budget. 200 people would be half our budget. What does it take to get 200 people to trust you and care enough to contribute the price of coffee to an art project? Hope we figure it out in time.


Trials and Tribulations

I sprained my back pretty badly a few weeks ago. Practicing singing standing up or even sitting has been really difficult over the past couple of weeks, except when I’m taking pain relievers. I’m deeply grateful I’m working with a music producer like Max. I told him I was in a lot of pain last week and that I was really worried about the fast approaching vocal recording sessions. He winced out of empathy but his steady response was, “we’ll make it work, even if we have to record one song a day we’ll figure it out. And at the end of it, it’ll just be a good story.” I was terrified it was a disc related injury but my physiotherapist diagnosed it as a sprain on Monday, and expects it to heal fully in a few weeks. What a relief. I’m already feeling better this week compared to last week, and hope next week is even better. One major upside to all this was discovering that I actually sound better on a couple of the tracks lying down. Definitely trying that during the recording sessions.

Location found!

We just worked out one of the main locations for the new music video. We got really lucky with this place, and it’s perfect for what we need. The film crew was concerned working out the details for this would be a huge headache, but everything ended up being relatively easy.

Really looking forward to setting all the other parts in motion as well!