Fresh ideas blossom

Working on two new songs. I finished writing one of them six years ago and put it on the back burner for years…it felt great to pick it up again and still be able to work on it like it was fresh in my mind. Both of these will hopefully go on a new album soon.

Getting close to the finish!

Max just sent across a final mix for the second to the last song we have left to go on the album, and he’s going to start work on the last song left tomorrow. We’re so close to being done! I can’t wait to hear it and send all six tracks off for mastering.

Only Two Songs Left To Finish!

Max just sent across a stunning version of Curtain. We’re more than halfway there now. We’ve decided on where to get the songs mastered and have a final deadline worked out. I was almost worried my energy level would fizzle out towards the end even though I’m no longer intensively working on any of the production for the music or the video. But it looks like it’s still alive and kicking.

Chasing Around Sanity

There’s so much I want to get done, and I keep stalling and being to stressed out to do anything. Argh. Generating ideas, but I need to nail down some of them to create concrete songs and videos. The music video for Night Time Story is proving to be a little more difficult than originally envisioned. Being a producer is a lot harder than being an artist, as I have immediate and absolute control over what I create when I’m doing my own work. Will keep chipping away at everything. Wish me luck. 🙂

Video Shoot Completed!

3574_10200255775371707_394935842_n 270881_10200255769931571_1546943220_n 303020_10200255741210853_830907635_n 480214_10200255760291330_75886909_n 921759_10200255757891270_473519832_oAfter 3 crazy days of filming, we wrapped up the final shoot on Monday. We’ll work on editing and adding the visual effects portions next. We’ve got a long haul ahead of us, but it’s been a blast so far. Can’t wait to get started on the next part. 🙂