Guiding Lights

It’s been a great weekend, and life is going well. I’m happy. One of the most intriguing moments from this weekend was randomly meeting a former musician from Teatro ZinZanni. He said he spent almost a decade working at an incredibly rewarding job as a musician there with people who became part of his family. He made a very comfortable living working a few hours every night (enough to compete with salaries in the tech industry today), and still had tons of time to spare for an additional job or time with his family. Sadly, the San Francisco branch shut down not too long ago, but he said those years were some of the best of his life. I was so happy for him, and so glad to have met someone with a story like his. He actually managed to become a professional musician who found a high level of satisfaction with the work he was doing, while easily being able to support himself financially.


It was a great feeling getting out of bed and being excited about the start of the day. I had a new downtempo track I’m working on with a couple of producers playing in my head as I got on the train on my way to work. It was my very own soundtrack. I can’t stay away from music. It’s comforting knowing that I won’t give it up.

The Art Of Juggling

I recently switched jobs right after I’d started to feel settled in the old one. Hours are long again, and the commute isn’t great, but I’m hoping I’ll be able to juggle everything and still manage to fit in time for music. Less time means more song ideas, of course. 🙂 I’m definitely glad for the change in general.