Cycles: New Track on Soundcloud!

Just uploaded a new track on Soundcloud! If you’d like see us live at Monroe, get tickets here:

Cycles went through several incarnations, and we had to go back to the drawing board and do everything over for this one. It’s funny how that happens to songs on albums sometimes. 🙂 When I released the first version of the track that Robert and I wrote, we really liked it. We listened to the original version a few months later and couldn’t stand it anymore and realized it was completely different from the album concept.

We’re working hard on the show now and time’s flying by; I can’t believe April’s almost over!


Impossible and Burn released; Broken Perfect is now complete!


Finally, we’re here. 🙂 The last two tracks to finish Broken, Perfect! Burn wasn’t even supposed to happen; it came out of a studio session years ago when a couple of friends and I were just playing around with some sounds. We never finished the track, but I remembered the idea a couple of years later and decided to try a funk spin on it. Robert and I put a few beats together after we finished Impossible, and loved what happened to the track. Here are the two tracks!

Enjoy! 🙂