Silly Musings

I hurt my ankle a few days ago, but instead of resting it I kept trying to walk it off or work it out. Bad idea. I finally came to my senses on Saturday and gave my self hours of rest and was feeling loads better, and feeling like I would get over it in the next couple of days. But I went to a club to hear a friend DJ Saturday night, and of course I can’t sit still and just listen when there’s good dance music playing. Somewhere in my brain there’s an adult, and that adult tripped a wire at some point and told me to just sit and take it easy after a while. I’m glad I listened, but I’m still a lot worse today, and looking at a potentially longer recovery time now.

I feel like I’ve been playing body see saw over the past couple of years over various things, and I’m hoping there’s a solid permanent solution to it. Haven’t found one that sticks yet, but I’m optimistic. 🙂


I got some news that made me feel very optimistic today. It’s amazing how much a little bit of hope can do in terms of changing the lens you view everything with. I had a fantastic day.

Just got back after meeting up with some friends at a club. One of them was DJing a set there, and we had a fun night out dancing. The DJ friend wants to take my vocals from Porcelain Doll and use it on one of his house tracks. I’m really curious to see what the end result would be. Pretty neat stuff.