The Power Of Empathy and Art

Had a wonderful start to the morning. I’ve been splitting up buying groceries over several days since I sprained my back a few weeks ago. I wanted to pick up a few things this morning at the grocery store and I decided to double check whether they deliver (I was under the impression that they didn’t). I asked the woman at the check out counter about it. We’d had a couple of conversations in the past, one particularly memorable one about music. In response she asked if it was for me or for someone else. I said it was for me, and mentioned that I’d sprained my back and had trouble walking home carrying stuff. She told me they do deliver through a service, and they charge 10% of the total groceries bill. She also immediately insisted on giving me her email address saying if she’s working when I shop for groceries next time, she would be more than happy to help me out. I am deeply grateful for people like her in the world. There’s hope for humanity yet.