Closing The Gap

At 53% on Kickstarter, with less than 5 days left. In a few hours, it’ll be four days: We need to raise $940 in four days. Hmmmmm.


Happy new year to everyone! I’ve got high hopes for this year…I’m feeling pretty optimistic about the projects I’ll be working on. Grateful for the people in my life. And despite any mood shifts or changes in my day to day situation, I’m pretty darn lucky to be living my life.

And we’re off!

Max (the producer) sent back several versions of a couple of my songs and they sound…amazing. I was sneakily listening to them for a few minutes at work and I had to stop because I started tearing up. He and another member of Stages of Sleep are working together on producing my album. They’re making my songs sound so much better than I ever could. I’m really looking forward to finishing things up and releasing the album early next year. You can check out Stages of Sleep at this link: I heard them live at their album launch party a few weeks ago. They’re great, so definitely give them a listen. 🙂

We’re trying to record sometime in January or early February, so I’ve got about a month to beat my voice into shape. Practicing doesn’t use up much willpower, but not straining my voice practicing and not going to bars and clubs and loud parties is a little harder during the holiday season. Herbal tea and honey are constant companions now. I can hear myself getting a little better every week, which feels good.

There’s another music video in the works as well. I’ll post an update once we start working on things. I’m supposed to meet with the video director sometime this week. I can barely contain my excitement.