It’s time once again: my goal for the next month is to finish writing three more songs. I’ve spent quite a bit of time over the past couple of months on production and finding people to play with for a longer show, but song ideas have been collecting dust as a result. Before I start worrying about running out of new ideas (I wonder if this is something all creative people deal with??), I need to finish the ones I do have right now.

Martuni’s – All Original Set!

I finished up my gig at Martuni’s tonight with my first set there with all original songs. Milestone crossed off my list, yay! I was terrified when I got up on stage, and my mood had been down most of the day. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to give it my best. I forgot some important words in my first song, Poison, but I recovered during Porcelain Doll and Cycles. Credit definitely goes to my voice teacher and accompanist, Robert Robinson (RHR studios), for doing an amazing job. I had a great time watching the other performers, and loved meeting some really great people who’d come out to watch and support their friends.