It was a great feeling getting out of bed and being excited about the start of the day. I had a new downtempo track I’m working on with a couple of producers playing in my head as I got on the train on my way to work. It was my very own soundtrack. I can’t stay away from music. It’s comforting knowing that I won’t give it up.


The producer I’m working with sent me a rough draft of his work on one of the songs on the album last night. I got it this morning first thing after I woke up and spent the next 30 minutes listening. What he’s done with it sounds amazing. Simply amazing. He’s used really sparse instrumentation just as I had envisioned it, and I’m glad we both fell into the same wavelength on the first try with this one. It brought me to tears as I kept listening to it. Really looking forward to the next draft!


I met a local producer/sound engineer last Thursday night at an event in the city. Really grateful to the friends who invited me to attend and made the introduction. We both really like each others’ work, so it looks like we might move ahead with a partnership. Of course, now it’s about chasing people down to meet. Everybody’s always busy…But I am really excited about the possibility of things working out.

Last song finished!

I finished up a draft of the only song left on the album last night. Now I need to find a producer/sound engineer to help me polish the arrangements and master the tracks. It feels great, and I really, really hope I can finish up the album in the next couple of months.


It’s been a few weeks of blank. My brain had run out of any ideas or impetus to get things done. I think I’ve turned a corner, though, because last night I started working on sketching out the last song on the album. Once I finish, I will have drafts of three additional songs after Porcelain Doll. That will leave me with two to finish the album. Then I can start hunting for a producer to help me mix and master the tracks and record live instruments. (Yay. 🙂 )