Curtain Lyrics Video on Youtube

Finally, after several requests from folks, here’s a video with lyrics for Curtain. This is the only footage we have of the entire recording session which happened a year ago. Really grateful to Max Savage for thinking of taking the video on his phone. There were so many firsts during the two sessions…I was working on my first EP, and it was my first time recording music at a professional studio. I still remember how amazing it felt to be there.

Magical Escape

Magical Escape

The film crew redid my parts in the music video for Nighttime Story. Check out the new version of the song for the video:

Every time I get into the production for the video, or am in the studio recording or composing I escape to these incredible realms. Tuesday night’s shoot felt magical, and I was so happy and energized after.

I felt the same rush today, when I was working on the chord charts for Porcelain Doll before my voice lesson so I could go over the theory with my teacher. In one part of the song, I hit an A flat major chord, then a D flat major, and that progression is triumphant in what it declares. I felt like life was perfect, and I could repeat that moment over and over again; I never wanted it to stop. I felt powerful in what I was trying to express, and felt confident that I was capable of unconditional love and forgiveness. I felt at peace, even as I was feeling a rush of energy.

These are the moments that I live for.

Closing The Gap

At 53% on Kickstarter, with less than 5 days left. In a few hours, it’ll be four days:¬† We need to raise $940 in four days. Hmmmmm.

999 Page Views on Youtube!

Nowhere close to viral, but the video has now hit almost a thousand views and I think I just pushed it over the edge to 1000 when I checked to see the number. My little baby has reached its fledgling 1000 page views.

Marketing yourself isn’t easy. A friend of mine suggested that I tweet the link to my video to various celebrities and I’ve religiously been doing that over the past couple of days, but I wish I had more control over the process. I love meeting people, and I’d love to meet more musicians and artists and share work and create a fun, productive environment. Maybe I should focus on that.

I’m really happy that I have this one great video. Even if I’m never able to afford the time, money and energy required to make another one of these, at least I made one. And I get to keep it forever.


The video is finally done! Still waiting for the link and I can’t wait to air it. It’s been a packed few days, and I was kidnapped by the director and editor one night last week to work on the final cut. It was amazing being in the editing room–these guys are so much fun. The video turned out great. I’ve been using the different cuts to get a fix whenever I feel bored or tired or sad.

I’m finally at a stage where I feel like I can close down the old and bring in the new. Although the uncertainty of my future is bothersome, I would even say that I’m looking forward to the changes that are about to happen.