Broken, Perfect (Album) – I can’t believe it’s finally over

A huge thanks to all the people I roped into this project: we did it. 🙂 Robert sent me the final versions of all the masters for “Broken, Perfect” last week, and I uploaded all of them on Soundcloud on Friday. Here’s the link!

My friend Maira (an amazing graphic designer) designed the cover, and captured the heart of what I was trying to convey incredibly well. Thank you!

I can’t believe it’s done. Strange mixture of emotions, relief (we made it to the finish line), happiness (OMG, I’ve released my second album!!), but also a very real sense of loss (what’s the point of my life now??). A part of me almost feels shell shocked, because we’ve been pounding the pavement so hard for a while to get the album done. I think this is what empty nest syndrome must feel like. 🙂

The next project is our show at Brick and Mortar on August 6th (Sunday). The date is coming up really fast; I feel like this crazy year’s been speeding by.

Wish me luck on everything else to come, and hope you all had an amazing weekend!image1

Hope. Ambition. Dreams.

67a509b46048c80779e01cab25fdcc3cWith the continued coverage of the Syrian refugee and migration crisis I’ve been reading a lot over the past few days. It’s appalling to me that countries turn these people away without having a shred of compassion.

We forget that these are people and could become invaluable members of the community in their new home. Albert Einstein was an immigrant in the US. Nabokov emigrated to the US from Russia, Marie Curie moved to France from Poland.

Music has always been an outlet for me to understand and deal with these types of issues and emotions. A few years ago, dealing with my own struggles with the US immigration system, I wrote a song about my experience. It’s about a 13 year old girl who dreams of moving to America to start an amazing life and hopes of becoming a star. I think it’s about time to start producing it. *Stay tuned*