Hope. Ambition. Dreams.

67a509b46048c80779e01cab25fdcc3cWith the continued coverage of the Syrian refugee and migration crisis I’ve been reading a lot over the past few days. It’s appalling to me that countries turn these people away without having a shred of compassion.

We forget that these are people and could become invaluable members of the community in their new home. Albert Einstein was an immigrant in the US. Nabokov emigrated to the US from Russia, Marie Curie moved to France from Poland.

Music has always been an outlet for me to understand and deal with these types of issues and emotions. A few years ago, dealing with my own struggles with the US immigration system, I wrote a song about my experience. It’s about a 13 year old girl who dreams of moving to America to start an amazing life and hopes of becoming a star. I think it’s about time to start producing it. *Stay tuned*

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