Red Bull? Really??

I hate the drink with a passion, but I can definitely get behind Red Bull’s support for independent musicians: I came across this article while I was getting my music fix off The Fader. I kept expecting a catch until the end of the article, but it looks like the company is actually trying to help artists. They do get brand awareness out of it, but I would be truly grateful if someone helps me manage shows and handles the business side of things. I could then spend a lot more time doing what I really love to do: be an artist, and work extremely hard at producing the best music that I can. I would be more than happy with that. 🙂


I think of all the music I’m working on right now for my new album and I really feel like it’s me. It’s very strange to remember how my first album felt so fitting and perfect when I finished it a year and a half ago. My style has changed completely, and though all the songs I’ve ever written are a strong representation of me, it’s funny how the old album seems so alien now. The concepts are still the same, but I’ve evolved as a songwriter. When I first wrote Porcelain Doll and actually finished it as my first completed single (ever) nearly three years ago, I thought it was the best song I would ever write in my entire life: I was truly concerned I would never be able to write something more meaningful and emotionally involved. Then I finished an entire album. While I still think Porcelain Doll is one of my favourite songs on the album, I wrote Curtain which I thought was at least as good, and in some ways, maybe even better.

The new series of songs I’m working on, however, have genuinely surprised me. I never thought I would be shift in the direction I have, but I’ve really been able to test and push myself because of it. It’s opened up a lot of creative space in my mind as well, and I’m deeply grateful for it.

Wishing everyone an amazing Friday. 🙂


Vocals Done!

Max and I recorded the vocals for Impossible Friday night. It was amazing being in the studio again. We did enough takes to give Max plenty of material to work with, and we then experimented with different harmonies. I always feel like I’m a kid playing with friends when I’m in the studio. It’s so much fun, and we really get the chance to push ourselves and test our creativity. Really hope we can get the song out within a few weeks.

I finished writing the lyrics for another song today. I need to finish up the chords this weekend as well, and maybe I’ll start writing my third song for the next set at Martuni’s.

Hope you’re all having a fantastic weekend as well!


It’s time once again: my goal for the next month is to finish writing three more songs. I’ve spent quite a bit of time over the past couple of months on production and finding people to play with for a longer show, but song ideas have been collecting dust as a result. Before I start worrying about running out of new ideas (I wonder if this is something all creative people deal with??), I need to finish the ones I do have right now.

Skeletons in the Closet

I performed a short set at Martuni’s again last Monday. I learned a lot from the show, about myself, about what I am capable of, and what I need to work on. I got a very positive response from the audience there that night, but I was unhappy with my performance to a point where I felt pretty drained after. My voice teacher (also my accompanist) gave me some very good advice: at the end of the day performance opportunities won’t come up as often as you’d like, so enjoy it. Turn of the chatter of self-loathing in your head.

As I’m looking to get out to other venues and perform longer shows, this is definitely something I need to work on. After decades of having performed on stage, I still haven’t managed to overcome my stage fright. I love to sing and write songs and I really love sharing that passion with other people. I need to make that my focus, as opposed to getting stuck on needing my voice to match a perfect ideal I have in my mind.

Guiding Lights

It’s been a great weekend, and life is going well. I’m happy. One of the most intriguing moments from this weekend was randomly meeting a former musician from Teatro ZinZanni. He said he spent almost a decade working at an incredibly rewarding job as a musician there with people who became part of his family. He made a very comfortable living working a few hours every night (enough to compete with salaries in the tech industry today), and still had tons of time to spare for an additional job or time with his family. Sadly, the San Francisco branch shut down not too long ago, but he said those years were some of the best of his life. I was so happy for him, and so glad to have met someone with a story like his. He actually managed to become a professional musician who found a high level of satisfaction with the work he was doing, while easily being able to support himself financially.


It was a great feeling getting out of bed and being excited about the start of the day. I had a new downtempo track I’m working on with a couple of producers playing in my head as I got on the train on my way to work. It was my very own soundtrack. I can’t stay away from music. It’s comforting knowing that I won’t give it up.