Fantasy Realms

An hour just flew by as I doodled out a cover of Little Dragon’s Twice. I have no intention of ever performing it, but I absolutely love the simplicity and beauty of the song. My original plan was to work on tweaking the chords on my latest song, but I couldn’t resist. I’ve created an amazing, fantasy space of my own in my room over the past couple of hours, where I’ve been listening to Max’s latest version of the single we’re working on, practicing Twice, and working on the production of one of the songs I finished writing last week. For the first time in weeks, I’ve finally found a pocket of peace and calm. I’m really grateful for it…it’s been a crazy few months.

Martuni’s – All Original Set!

I finished up my gig at Martuni’s tonight with my first set there with all original songs. Milestone crossed off my list, yay! I was terrified when I got up on stage, and my mood had been down most of the day. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to give it my best. I forgot some important words in my first song, Poison, but I recovered during Porcelain Doll and Cycles. Credit definitely goes to my voice teacher and accompanist, Robert Robinson (RHR studios), for doing an amazing job. I had a great time watching the other performers, and loved meeting some really great people who’d come out to watch and support their friends.

New Song: Poison (Wheels Moving Forward!)

One of the highlights of every week are my voice lessons. I really grow and learn as a person every time and it really centers me. I thank my teacher almost every other week for how great they are.

Today’s lesson focused on ironing out the form of my new song, Poison, and finalizing Impossible to get ready for my next gig. Here’s a clip on Soundcloud of just voice and piano for Poison:

I started tearing up and breaking down emotionally with the changes my teacher suggested for Impossible. It’s always a good sign when changes make you get into the core of a song and sometimes you just know when things fit. We were trying it out a couple of different renditions and making the song sound more vulnerable really brought out the emotions in it.

Piano Love Affair

After the video shoot ended and the energy around it died, I’ve been left with a feeling of restlessness to get the next part of the project done. I am so grateful I have music and the people that I love in my life. Almost nothing else gets me out of bed in the morning in quite the same way. This morning was pretty classic–I bribed myself out of bed and into the cold with the promise of doodling on my electric piano for a few minutes.

Just a few hours ago I sat at the piano again, thinking I was going to pull out a few angst riddled minor chords. Today was one of those days. Instead, I hit B flat major, then F major and started smiling as serendipity led me down a completely different path.

I’m about halfway there with song writing for the short album I wanted to finish after the video. I’m happy when I’m writing and thinking about this, and any emotions that are bottled up find a release when I’m working. I feel safe, and at peace.