Piano Love Affair

After the video shoot ended and the energy around it died, I’ve been left with a feeling of restlessness to get the next part of the project done. I am so grateful I have music and the people that I love in my life. Almost nothing else gets me out of bed in the morning in quite the same way. This morning was pretty classic–I bribed myself out of bed and into the cold with the promise of doodling on my electric piano for a few minutes.

Just a few hours ago I sat at the piano again, thinking I was going to pull out a few angst riddled minor chords. Today was one of those days. Instead, I hit B flat major, then F major and started smiling as serendipity led me down a completely different path.

I’m about halfway there with song writing for the short album I wanted to finish after the video. I’m happy when I’m writing and thinking about this, and any emotions that are bottled up find a release when I’m working. I feel safe, and at peace.

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