Deep Open Space and Beyond

Max sent across a completely revised version of Impossible a few weeks ago, and it sounds amazing. The song has so much depth now, I can’t even begin to describe how much I love it. Every time I listen to it to practice it, I remember exactly why I wrote it and how I felt when I did. I can’t wait to finish it up and set it free on the web. 🙂

I’ve been working on the rest of my new album with my voice teacher producing the tracks. Robert’s really great to work with, and has an incredible scope of musical knowledge. Some of my best moments are in the studio working with producers like him and Max. I am truly lucky.

I’d set a goal of finishing three new songs in my last post, and I’m done with one of the three. I know what the other two will be, which I guess is a step in the right direction. Wish me luck on finishing the rest soon!

Can’t wait to write the next update, super excited and hope I get to share some new music.




I managed to finish writing the lyrics for the song I was feeling blocked on last night. I’ve still got the chords left to work on, and I’m still wrestling with the 5/4 time signature. I’m going to get some feedback on it during my voice lesson tomorrow. If the time signature sounds too forced, it may be time to abandon it for something a bit more normal. I’m really hoping I can make it work, though! Only one more song left for the gig now.

Brain Locked

I’ve had some extra time over the past few days, and I’ve managed to finish writing one song out of three for my next gig in August. I’m prepping for a longer show sometime later in the fall. I’m stuck on song number two, and have no ideas for the third. Song number two is rough and it’s in 5/4 time signature. I’ll admit, while 5/4 is my favorite time signature, it’s not an easy one to work with. I need to find some emotional inspiration for the song as I’m drawing a blank on the lyrics, though I’m extremely excited about the concept I’ve sketched out for the song. If I get it right, this could be a really cool song. Drawing a blank on words, though, that’s not normal…Frustrated. 🙁

Strange Worlds

I finished writing another song today. It’s remarkable how much easier it gets every time I try to put something together. Ten years ago I would never have imagined I could finish one song, let alone finish an EP and be working on my second one. I spent several hours in the studio today with the two downtempo producers I work with to finish up vocals for two tracks we’re on a tight deadline for. It was amazing. All of us can spend hours doing this stuff. As we walked out of the studio after we’d exhausted all the time we had available to us and my voice was starting to get hoarse and scratchy from singing, it felt like we’d left a completely different and wonderful universe behind. As we walked back into this world, it was definitely an adjustment and I always feel a sense of regret as I leave that space.

I hope everyone finds a little bit of the same kind of peace and happiness this weekend that I get when I’m in the studio. It’s such a great feeling, and I’m radiant when I leave.



Band Jam Night!

Had a great session today jamming with some friends for a side project. It’s amazing how four hours can fly by without you even feeling it. We got some amazing ideas out, and had so much fun. All in all, a fantastic start to the weekend!

Curtain Lyrics Video on Youtube

Finally, after several requests from folks, here’s a video with lyrics for Curtain. This is the only footage we have of the entire recording session which happened a year ago. Really grateful to Max Savage for thinking of taking the video on his phone. There were so many firsts during the two sessions…I was working on my first EP, and it was my first time recording music at a professional studio. I still remember how amazing it felt to be there.