Strange Worlds

I finished writing another song today. It’s remarkable how much easier it gets every time I try to put something together. Ten years ago I would never have imagined I could finish one song, let alone finish an EP and be working on my second one. I spent several hours in the studio today with the two downtempo producers I work with to finish up vocals for two tracks we’re on a tight deadline for. It was amazing. All of us can spend hours doing this stuff. As we walked out of the studio after we’d exhausted all the time we had available to us and my voice was starting to get hoarse and scratchy from singing, it felt like we’d left a completely different and wonderful universe behind. As we walked back into this world, it was definitely an adjustment and I always feel a sense of regret as I leave that space.

I hope everyone finds a little bit of the same kind of peace and happiness this weekend that I get when I’m in the studio. It’s such a great feeling, and I’m radiant when I leave.



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