Tectonic Shifts

Sometimes when I write songs, I plan and focus the structure around building tension and releasing that tension. I often do it without thinking–it’s probably so ingrained in my brain from the music I’ve been hearing all my life that it just becomes part of the plan. I have a very difficult time resisting the urge to resolve the build up of tension in notes.

Recent changes have caused me to set a cascade of actions into motion. It’s always possible to leave things hanging, but I like resolution.

It’s interesting how you can leave clues for the listener throughout a song hinting that difficult times are ahead. I wonder if we pick up the same kind of clues in life. I made a few important decisions last week, and mere hours later these decisions became necessary due to events that followed. If a higher power exists in this world, now may be the right time to start believing.

When it’s just you and your music, it’s very easy to stick to the plan. If you introduce other musicians and players to the song, they will add their own twist to the interpretation of it. The results are often beautiful and spontaneous, but on occasion, heartbreaking.

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