Ecstatic Moments and Reality Checks



Had another gig at Martuni’s on Monday, and it was great. This is a photo of me singing my new song, Impossible: I saw Karsh Kale in concert tonight, which was such an amazing experience that it made me feel like anything and everything was possible in life.

The music industry, though, is a competitive and extremely difficult space with no guarantee of a steady income. This is what I get even from people who are close to broke but absolutely love what they do. Being the kind of person that I am, I’ve always had to learn to navigate fitting into systems while really being on the fringes of it. Some of us get really lucky and don’t ever have to learn what it means to make a compromise in life. For some of us, life is only ever comprised of things you settled for. Is it a difference in attitude? Or just sheer luck?

All I know for sure is, I felt really lucky at Martuni’s, and truly grateful to the universe to have had such a great night tonight listening to amazing music and hanging out with great friends.

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