The epic battle of Batman Vs Superman hits theaters today, which raises the impossible question, who’s side are you on?

Here’s a great article from Bustle featuring the movie soundtrack.

Keeping up with the superhero theme, my new single “Harvey Dent”, dropped this week. Inspired by the DC Comic villain Two-Face, “Harvey Dent” is a dark, moody tale of deception. We all know ‘that’ guy – the one that is sweet on the surface but can he be trusted? The chorus really says it all: He’ll never make a groom / And he’s never a gent / All the days together / Won’t be time well spent // At best he’s a ruse / With full intent / To use and confuse / He’s Harvey Dent!

Check out the full lyrics and song below. Enjoy!

Harvey Dent
He waits for the right moment
Strikes at the opportune time
On the surface it all seems perfect
Underneath, it’s all a lie

A smile is the best you’re given
But it never reaches his eyes
He’s good, he’ll be sure to tell you
But it’s just a thin disguise

He’ll never make a groom
And he’s never a gent
All the days together
Won’t be time well spent

At best he’s a ruse
With full intent
To use and confuse
His mind’s all bent

Verse 2
His words will make you feel safer
But his motives are always unkind
Maybe he wants to be better
(but) Compassion’s in short supply.

In his world this is how it’s done now
He won’t fight by your side
His soul is truly broken
His heart, completely blind.

If you want to stay a part of his story
Your future doesn’t look bright
You’re just a mere accessory
To delusions in his mind.

He is the only hero
In the chapters of his life
His vision is rosy and clouded
No hope he’ll see the light.

Verse 3
You’ve come to the final stages
Here’s a word of advice
Walk right out of these pages
Turn away, and don’t think twice.

The view up ahead is gorgeous
You’ve got your own verses to write
Not much left in him to care for
If love’s your chosen prize.

He’ll never make a groom
And he’s never a gent
All the days together
Won’t be time well spent

At best he’s a ruse
With full intent
To use and confuse
He’s Harvey Dent!

Getting Closer To The Finish Line

And yes! I’ve finished all three songs for the next gig. I now have 6 songs done for a new EP, 8 songs in total that are performance ready. I’m only planning to use 2 songs from my first album if there’s a longer gig in the fall, sadly. I’ll need a total of 10 songs for about 45-50 minutes of performance time…there’s an old song that I’ve finished writing the lyrics for, but I still need to work on the chords for song number 9. What’s my final song going to be about?? Super excited to explore this idea, but I have no pending concepts to flesh out. It’ll have to be something brand new. Lots of numbers in this post. 🙂


I managed to finish writing the lyrics for the song I was feeling blocked on last night. I’ve still got the chords left to work on, and I’m still wrestling with the 5/4 time signature. I’m going to get some feedback on it during my voice lesson tomorrow. If the time signature sounds too forced, it may be time to abandon it for something a bit more normal. I’m really hoping I can make it work, though! Only one more song left for the gig now.

Brain Locked

I’ve had some extra time over the past few days, and I’ve managed to finish writing one song out of three for my next gig in August. I’m prepping for a longer show sometime later in the fall. I’m stuck on song number two, and have no ideas for the third. Song number two is rough and it’s in 5/4 time signature. I’ll admit, while 5/4 is my favorite time signature, it’s not an easy one to work with. I need to find some emotional inspiration for the song as I’m drawing a blank on the lyrics, though I’m extremely excited about the concept I’ve sketched out for the song. If I get it right, this could be a really cool song. Drawing a blank on words, though, that’s not normal…Frustrated. 🙁

Strange Worlds

I finished writing another song today. It’s remarkable how much easier it gets every time I try to put something together. Ten years ago I would never have imagined I could finish one song, let alone finish an EP and be working on my second one. I spent several hours in the studio today with the two downtempo producers I work with to finish up vocals for two tracks we’re on a tight deadline for. It was amazing. All of us can spend hours doing this stuff. As we walked out of the studio after we’d exhausted all the time we had available to us and my voice was starting to get hoarse and scratchy from singing, it felt like we’d left a completely different and wonderful universe behind. As we walked back into this world, it was definitely an adjustment and I always feel a sense of regret as I leave that space.

I hope everyone finds a little bit of the same kind of peace and happiness this weekend that I get when I’m in the studio. It’s such a great feeling, and I’m radiant when I leave.



Forces Beyond Control

Someone whose opinion I trust once said, “don’t worry about the stuff you can’t control.” Great advice, but tough for me to put into practice sometimes. As time continues to speed by, I can only do my best, and hope the rest works out…


Had a fun two hour conversation this evening with a physicist on the ability of art to make people happy and whether or not I should drop everything and run off to some remote part of the world to become a jungle or cave dweller for a while. I think the conclusion I came to was not…yet. <wink>

Addiction – The Neuroscience of Art

I haven’t been engaging as much as I would like in music lately, and my brain feels empty and unfulfilled. I know my mood tends to be better and more even keel when I sing consistently. Here’s why: This study explains that music triggers the same mechanisms as highly addictive drugs like cocaine in the brain. My remedy is to seek out a support group of similar artists who can’t function without music. 🙂 Time to find a band to play with….