Instruments of procrastination?

I’m still trying to dig myself out of my current life situation, and it’s a great spur for creativity. Or is my sudden flare of inspiration really an instrument of procrastination? Anyway, I’m going to ride it while it lasts.

I’m bummed over having to wait for a few things to resolve themselves as I keep trying to churn out some sort of an output. Nothing feels more useless than when effort results in no positive outcome.

I also wish I had a little more faith left in people, and didn’t feel like my trust issues are getting worse as I get older. I’m really lucky, I met some of my closest friends when I could still trust people, and I have some close family members I really trust to be constructive forces in my life. I’ve recently been let down by a few key people in my life that I believed in pretty strongly, but I’m optimistic that I’ll regain my faith in people with time.

I guess things aren’t so bad, after all. 🙂

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